The Amelia Concours – Friday 2021 – A Breath of Fresh Air

My first automotive shoot in over a year! Although just a short few hours with the camera and some beautiful rolling works of art today it was a definitely both a refreshing and inspiring time after such a tragic year.

The people behind the scenes will definitely be my personal highlight of this years event. In addition to the many hundreds of unnamed volunteers that it takes to make an event on this scale happen the Director of Communications Chris Brewer, one of the finest people you will ever meet takes it over the top with his endless devotion. No matter how busy or who he is talking to, you will always know he is always listening with a sincere enthusiasm. I do not know him personally but have talked to him in passing over the years and his demeanor, smile and greeting like you were his best friend will always lift anyone’s spirit. Thanks Chris!

@AmeliaConcours #ameliaconcours

Paul Jr. Designs.
May 21, 2021


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