1958 Dual Ghia-Convertible

Believed to be the personal car of Dual-Ghia company founder Eugene Carousel who bought the rights to Chrysler Firepower concept cars. Dual-Ghia production began in 1956 when modified Dodge chassis were shipped to Ghia in Torin Italy to be fitted with Dual-Ghia coachwork.

This is one of just over 100 examples and is powered by a Dodge 315 CI D500 “Red Ham” Hemi . All but two dual Ghias were convertibles.

Celebrities who drove Dual-Ghias included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Debbie Reynolds, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

Optioned with a Chryslers Hi-Way Hi-Fi record player, a carefully engineered tonearm kept skipping and skating to minimum over the 7in vinyl 16 2/3 RPM record.

You may purchase a print in our dElegance 2019 online gallery.


Hilton Head Island Concours dElegance and Motoring Festival
November 07, 2021


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