1959 Ferrari 290 MM 250TR

This car was initially a Ferrari Works car, used as a 290 MM model during the 1956 racing season. It was raced by Equipe National Belge/Ecurie Francorchamps in Belgium in 1957. Then it returned to the factory and was used as a development car.

In 1959, the 290 MM four-cam V-12 engine was replaced with a two-cam V-12 Testa Rossa engine and it was sold in Brazil as a ³new´250 Testa Rossa. It was raced between 1960 & 1962 until it was damaged in major accident which cut the car in half.

The undamaged rear of the car formed the basis of an America V-8 powered special that was raced through the 1960's. It lay untouched until it was discovered by an English domiciled Italian in 1986. He thought he had purchased the remains of chassis # 726 TR, another destroyed Ferrari and reconstructed it as that car. It was sold to an Englishman in 1991, who conducted additional research and determined the car was actually # 0606. He passed away before being able to rectify the serial number and the car was sold to the current owner in 2003.

The current owner decided to get the wrongs righted and had the car restored as it last left the factory in 1959 and to the livery as raced in Brazil in the early 1960's. The car, as you see it today, is the result of four years of intensive research and labor.

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November 07, 2021


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