1931 Duesenberg Indy Race Car

This car was built for the 1931 Indianapolis 500 by chassis builder/fabricator Herman Rigling.  Mr Rigling partner in design and construction was the famous mechanic, Cotton Henning.  The Rigling-Henning Duesenberg used a special engine that was designed and built by Fred Duesenburg exclusively for racing. The engine was based on the Duesenburg Model A block.

In the 1931 Indy 500 the vehicle ws driven by Babe Strapp where he qualified sixth, averaging 110.1 MPH for four laps.  He was running in third when an oil leak and clutch problem forced an early retirement from the event.

In the 1932 event the vehicle was named the “Duesenberg Special” and was piloted by L.L. Corum but he did not qualify. In the 1933 Indy 500, the car was named “The Jack O. Car Special” and was driven by Willard Prentiss, he qualified 40th at 107.8 MPH and finished 13th.  The vehicle completed all 200 laps at an average speed of 95.6 MPH and was ahead of 5 other Duesenburg’s in the race.

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January 12, 2022


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