The Southern Concours 2019 Edition

The Southern Concours 2018 Edition

The Southern Concours Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the 7th Issue of The Motif Collective Vintage Automobile and Motorcycle Magazine. As an independent fine art photographer I shoot as many cars and bikes as I can find each year and put out 3 editions covering my efforts, edition one and three cover vintage automobiles and edition two covers vintage motorcycles. Edition two and three were discontinued this year, we started a new combined edition of the works into one annual publication, "The Southern Concours".

Welcome to our Hilton Head 2016 Edition!

This is my 6th issue of The Motif Collective and the third covering the Hilton Head Concours d’Elegance. When Hurricane Matthew hit the region so hard and close to the start date this year I was both thankful and delighted to see the event was still going to take place.

To date this issue has been focused on the Concours, but I have to mention that the week actually kicks off with the Savannah Speed Classic right across the water from River Street in Savannah. The races and opening in the City Square are definitely a must see for any car lover. Beautiful weather, scenery and very small crowds create an intimate up close and personal motoring event experience, surely a memory to be cherished for a lifetime. If you have not been, you must put this on your calendar for next year!

This year’s Concours was again a fantastic gathering of amazing machines combined with perfect weather and the always beautiful backgrounds of the Port Royal Plantation. I am always overwhelmed visiting the cars on the field, but even more so during the weeks that follow working on the images and really digesting the backgrounds on these prized vehicles. From a 1935 MG PB Airline Coupe, only one of 14 built and six remaining, to a 1961 Lotus Elite Type 14 that won the 1961 Monte Carlo Rally and was purchased by the current owner’s father in 1963, the whole experience is always off the scale.

Welcome to our Amelia Island 2016 Fringes Edition!

Every year in March there is an amazing gathering of Automobiles on Amelia Island in Florida. Auctions, Cars and Coffee and a Concours with all of the associated fanfare cover the period of a few days where our quiet little town becomes host to a large number of visitors from all over the world.

Not being recognized as a relevant media outlet my access has been limited the last couple years, but rather than devote the entire weekend to gardening at home I still get out for a short while to get some shots on the fringes of the events. This edition represents my first printed “Fringe” coverage of any kind, and without media access is much less detailed then my normal Art Of Steel Magazines. Despite any limits we still think is it quite a nice collection of some awesome automobiles however and hope you enjoy them as well.

Welcome to our Hilton Head 2015 Edition!

Hilton Head Island provided another fantastic backdrop for the 14th Concours d’Elegance hosted at the Port Royal Golf Club. This location is mysterious, beautiful and a wonderful place for any photographer to shoot cars.

I love cars and photography even more, and in my mind there is only one way to properly display these magnificent machines, with quality and elegance. I hope you enjoy this second effort and beautiful machines from the 2015 Hilton Head Concours in South Carolina.

Welcome to our Second Edition of “The Motif Collective Art of Steel” Being one of the only independent Fine Art Photography Magazines in the world, and without any advertising we take great pride in our work presenting these magnificent automobiles with a very high level of distinctive respect. With no overhead and a commitment only to personal inspirations and visions, we operate completely independent of mainstream demands and expectations.

July 11, 2022


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