1932 Packard Twin Six 905 Coupe Roadster

Introduced at New York Automobile Show time in January 1932, the Twin Six was Packard's entry in the multi-cylinder race taking place in all the US luxury brands. Its designation was a look back to the World War I-era Twin Sixes, and would be used this first year only. The wheelbases were 142.5 inches for the 905 models and prices began at $3,650 and rose from there to $7,950.

The V16 was notable for its innovative design, which included a longer and wider body than previous Cadillac models, as well as a powerful engine and a luxurious interior. Ten body styles were offered on the 905 chassis, but the only non-custom bodies were a 5/7-passenger sedan and sedan-limousine, All the others in the line being the Individual Custom cars, either by Dietrich or Packard's own shop and the interior appointments were lavish.

The V-12 was a very unique design with semi-overhead valves (set in the head but almost 90 degrees to the vertical). It is so quiet that even with the hood open you can barely hear it running, but it makes smooth power and torque. The 445 CID V-12 delivered 160 HP @ 3200 RPM and 348 ft. lbs. of torque @ 1400 RPM. Though a Twin Six five-passenger sedan was clocked at 101 mph, Packard brochures understated the car's performance and only claimed a speed in excess of 85.
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